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Winterize Your RV Water

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Make sure your water line does not freeze, there are a few simple steps you can follow here.

  1. Wrap your water line with Aluminum foil.
  2. Insert the water hose line into split foam tubes and run the heat tape line inside against the foil wrapped water line to ensure heat induction.
  3. Keep adding sections of foam tubing, your water hose and the heat tap until you have a long enough section.
  4. Duct tape all the seams of the foam tube.
  5. Feed the tubing up into the water compartment and attach to another hose with a pressure regulator in between the two hoses.
  6. Turn on the water and check for leaks at both ends.
  7. Finish wrapping the foil around the water outlet and the parts of the water outlet that are too big for the foam tubing, you can use foil tape.
  8. Hook up a thermostat cord into good working 3 prong extension cord that is made for RV power.


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